From, “Intuitive Awareness” by Ajahn Sumedho

However, there is that which can be aware of the
personality as a construction. I deliberately think, “I
am a screwed-up person that needs to meditate in
order to become enlightened in the future.” I think that,
but I’m listening to it; I’m deliberately thinking it and
I’m investigating it. I have created that perception. I
have chosen to think that and I can hear myself
thinking it. That which is aware and listens to that
perception I don’t create. It’s not a creation, is it? I
create this perception, but that which is aware of the
perception… You can investigate, begin to know the
difference between awareness and thinking. What is
the still point, the centre, the point that includes? This
kind of thinking is reflective, isn’t it? I’m just asking
myself this question to bring attention to this. I’m not
looking for an answer in terms of somebody to give
me an answer to that question, but that’s a reflective
question that clarifies my attention; it helps me to
focus, to be aware.
The more I pay attention and I’m aware, the more I
recognise that in this still point there’s this resounding
sound of silence. I didn’t create that; it’s not a creation
of mine. I can’t claim that the sound of silence is some
personal creation of mine, that it belongs to Ajahn
Sumedho. It’s like trying to claim the air, the space:
“All the space in the world belongs to me,” that kind
of ridiculous thing. You can’t create a person around
it, you can only be — this sense of being this still point,
resting, opening to and allowing the personality, the
body, the emotional habits that arise and the thoughts
that we have. Our relationship to them now is
understanding or embracing rather than identifying.

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