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Gina Lake on Healing and Aawakening

And a very small summary in case the vid is too long.


•    Awakening is due to grace, and whether someone awakens and when is up to grace. Not everyone is meant to awaken, and those who are meant to awaken will awaken when it is the right time for them. 

•    Having said that, it is also true that those who are destined to awaken are usually called to the spiritual path and called to do spiritual practices and attend to their own healing. The will to do these things comes when it is time to awaken, and you can’t make that will be there when it isn’t. This will is often intensified by the suffering caused by difficulties experienced in early childhood or some loss later on.

•    Whether you awaken or not is not as important as how you are in every moment. Whether you have had an awakening or not, you can experience awakeness by simply learning to be present. Presence is awakeness. The more moments we spend in Presence/Awakeness, the more that prepares the ground for awakening. So if there is anything we can do to awaken it is that: Be present as much as possible. And then if you don’t awaken, it won’t matter!

•    Spiritual practices such as meditation prepare the container of the body to be able to hold or support the higher vibration of energy that comes with awakening. When people’s bodies aren’t adequately prepared, they might experience physical problems or become destabilized mentally or emotionally. 

•    You can have had an awakening and not seem like you have, because you still have so much unhealed conditioning that pulls you back into the ego. Or you can not have had an awakening and be very content and happy and live much of the time in an awake place because you have healed enough conditioning. 

•    The problem is that if you still have a lot of negative thoughts and feelings, you will have a hard time being present and staying present for very long. Fears and desires and thoughts about the past and future pull you out of the present moment. Healing is important because it is difficult to move out of or beyond a negative mind. Healing makes the thoughts and feelings more positive, and that makes it easier to be present—to experience awakeness, whether you’ve had an actual awakening or not.

•    Some experience of Presence/Essence/Wholeness/the true self is necessary to entice people away from the mind, particularly away from their negative thoughts. Without a sense of who they really are, people get bogged down in the mind and can even get bogged down in witnessing the mind or doing inquiry. They stay stuck observing or witnessing their mind and fail to turn their attention away from it to the present moment. They don’t know another way of being yet because they haven’t gone deep enough into Essence. 

•    Although people might realize that they are not their thoughts or mind, it is still difficult for many people to be present—to drop into their body and the present moment and stay there. That is because the mind is compelling, especially when it is negative, and also because when there has been some wounding, people don’t trust life or trust the experience of just being. They feel they have to be doing and thinking in order to survive. Trust is a critical issue in being able to move into the present moment. If trust has been impaired by an abusive or a neglectful situation in early life, then being present for any amount of time is challenging. 

•    An awakening, as I define it, is a permanent shift in identity in which the primary state one lives in is Presence rather than ego-identification. Considerable conditioning drops away at awakening, but some conditioning remains and comes up to be seen and healed, which is easier to do once you realize your true nature.

•    What heals is contact with true nature, both the therapist having contact with true nature and the client. Contact with true nature happens when we are present in the moment.